Vendors April Fool’s Open Mic at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Vendors registered for April Fool’s Open Mic
If you’re interested in vending please contact us. It’s free to vend this event.

Tots Henna Tattoos
All organic, homemade henna, no harsh chemicals added. Priced $5.00 and up.

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun
Help support Plateau Hame De Colquhoun by buying merchandise.” I survived Music in the Desert Tshirts, Charms, Art original and prints by Colquhoun own Melodie.

Westland Meadows
Homemade food vendor. Menu coming soon!

Jannel’s Jewelry
Handmade jewelry made right here in the desert

Total Eclipse Jewelry
$5.00 Paparazzi jewelry

Mystical Storm Meadows
Handmade items more information coming soon

One Touch Wellness
One touch wellness will be offering messages.

Inshane Art
Posters, prints, stickers, and cards. Style is an expressionistic pop culture artist which means there are pieces from Star Wars to Stranger Things.

👇 Visit Inshane Art Website! 👇

Victoria Smith “The frybread shack “

We still have vendor spots available for the Nomad Gathering in the Desert

More information about us, events, vending, camping please visit our website or Facebook page

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Nomad Gathering in the Desert at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun Event Venue

Nomad Gathering in the Desert will be a fun packed weekend of live music from Jer Killinger Singer/Songwriter and J5th & the 77 Riders , Talent show, bonfires and nothing like sitting under the beautiful Desert starry night and watching a movie Off the Map.

Directions and Registration Information can be found on the website.

Don’t forget the April Fool’s Open Mic on April 1st.
We still have openings for vendors and volunteers . Contact us or visit the website for more information.

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Watch the Superbowl Outside with a nice bonfire!

We had a wonderful night with neighbors and campers watching the Superbowl outside with a bonfire, great food was bought by all. 

Nomad Gathering in the Desert  we will be playing “Off The MAP” Sequestered on a ranch deep in the recesses of rural New Mexico, a  woman (Joan Allen), her catatonic depressed husband (Sam Elliot) & their precocious 11-year old daughter (Valentina de Angelis) live off the land…

There will also be a Talent Show, Live Music, Bonfires and more..

For more information please visit our website and Facebook page.

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Nomad Gathering in the Desert May 19th

Photo Gallery of Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Nomad Gathering in the Desert will be held at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun an off-grid campground and Event Center. Located down 11 miles of dirt roads, in the middle of the desert on top of the West Mesa with beautiful views of the Rio Grande valley, just 43 miles south of Albuquerque.

A fun packed weekend, music, talent show, games, vendors, bonfires and more!

$20.00 registration, includes one campsite.

If you live in a car, truck, van, RV (Class A, B , C), Tow Trailer, 5th wheel, Schooly, Tiny House, brick and mortar all are welcome!

Register to reserve your spot today!

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NM Nomad Gathering in the Desert

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is proud to be hosting The New Mexico Nomad Gathering in the Desert

New Mexico Nomad Gathering in the Desert! May 19, 2023 by Bosque New Mexico. Directions can be found on the website event page.

NM Nomad Gathering in the Desert will be the 1st of many Nomad Gatherings organized by Plateau Hame De Colquhoun (Melodie and Brent)

NM Nomad Gathering in the Desert is a private gathering (not open to the general public) All Nomads welcome whether you live in a tent, van, car, 5th wheel, Schooly, RV… All are welcome!

Cleaning, clutter and getting ready for travel day

I would love to know how individuals keep their RV from being cluttered.. Something we have not accomplished.. Sure few things we can down size, and we do often.

Living in a tiny place with 2 full time humans, 1 part time, 3 full time dogs, a cat and a part time dog does make it hard to keep things organized. But we love it even when unorganized and cluttered..

Ignore the vacuum, cleaning supplies in the photos, I am still cleaning and took a break to post. The RV is about ready to move, no matter if we sit for a day, week or months, I always have extra cleaning, storing before we move.

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Hight Temperature and RV living

We watched a RV YouTube video and they were saying you can’t be without AC in a RV in extreme heat stating “all RVs are heat boxes”.. It’s 103 out today and 89 inside. Maybe to some 89 is too hot, but to us it’s not that bad. (Ignore the date on the weather station, it doesn’t connect to the internet anymore). 14 degrees cooler in a class A with windows open and running a fan isn’t bad. You can do it without AC, is it for everyone? probably not.

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What living off-grid in the desert at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun means.

What does living in the middle of the desert off grid mean? It means dealing with the weather, heat, wild life, lack of running water. It means camping 24/7. Problem I have now if I want to vacation I don’t enjoy going camping like I used to. Vacation to me is a running water, flush toilet oh and shower all under the same roof.

But the question is do I miss it? It’s good for a vacation but most of the time I don’t mind using it. I don’t mind going out and using the “hut” as we call it( a compost toilet in a small tin building). We have running water (5 gallon water jugs with a hand pump) showers are located at planet fitness,

I used to be able to tell you what was on TV on any given night, now I rarely watch TV. We tend to spend evenings sitting outside, our TV is the sunset. We spend more time with other people, then we did when we lived in town. In town we didn’t know our neighbors. Here we hang out, help, check in on all our neighbors, we are a family.

Living out here is hard, it will test you, it’s not for the faint of heart. There’s been times we’ve thought about quitting, but in the end we love it.

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Getting RV ready to move after being stationary

I don’t know about everyone else, but after being stationary for months the RV gets disorganized. When it comes time to move it becomes a task trying to find homes for everything.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the RV on a weeks trip. Which means I have to organize and find homes for the new and old items. Since February we’ve taken the RV once in May for an overnight trip to get it looked at. Finally got an appointment to get the repairs done next week.

Since @JAFO Productions is doing the sound at @B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico on Saturday we are taking the RV and staying in town, than onto a RV park in Albuquerque where the repairs will be done.

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101 RV Park, Calhoun Louisiana

Well we’re here at 101 RV Park for couple days in Calhoun, Louisiana .

We’re on the fence on whether we like the park or not. People are quiet, stay to themselves. Many long term campers which is okay. The park could used cleaning up some, we were worried about plugging in as the 30amp plug is all burned up. We did put meter on the 50 amp and it was okay. Water pressure is good, though spigot is broken, and stand in mud to hook up. Get alot of road noise even though you’re not right next to the interstate…our site has some wooded area and a local cemetery to explore just past the tree line and really good cell signal.

We did walk around town a little, cute little town. Tomorrow morning we head out to a State park in Arkansas for few days before heading to Fort Smith THOR Elite Firing Range and Gun Club

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