What living off-grid in the desert at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun means.

What does living in the middle of the desert off grid mean? It means dealing with the weather, heat, wild life, lack of running water. It means camping 24/7. Problem I have now if I want to vacation I don’t enjoy going camping like I used to. Vacation to me is a running water, flush toilet oh and shower all under the same roof.

But the question is do I miss it? It’s good for a vacation but most of the time I don’t mind using it. I don’t mind going out and using the “hut” as we call it( a compost toilet in a small tin building). We have running water (5 gallon water jugs with a hand pump) showers are located at planet fitness,

I used to be able to tell you what was on TV on any given night, now I rarely watch TV. We tend to spend evenings sitting outside, our TV is the sunset. We spend more time with other people, then we did when we lived in town. In town we didn’t know our neighbors. Here we hang out, help, check in on all our neighbors, we are a family.

Living out here is hard, it will test you, it’s not for the faint of heart. There’s been times we’ve thought about quitting, but in the end we love it.

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