Watch the Superbowl Outside with a nice bonfire!

We had a wonderful night with neighbors and campers watching the Superbowl outside with a bonfire, great food was bought by all. 

Nomad Gathering in the Desert  we will be playing “Off The MAP” Sequestered on a ranch deep in the recesses of rural New Mexico, a  woman (Joan Allen), her catatonic depressed husband (Sam Elliot) & their precocious 11-year old daughter (Valentina de Angelis) live off the land…

There will also be a Talent Show, Live Music, Bonfires and more..

For more information please visit our website and Facebook page.

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Night of Music in the Desert at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun with JAFO Productions

Last Saturday we had a nice little music night out here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun . Listened to some Amigo The Devil (Amigo the dog even hung out with us) , Tuatha Dea and Brent Colquhoun from our very own JAFO Productions ! It was a beautiful night to sit out by the fire and enjoy some music in the Desert!

We still have openings for this year, if you have an event idea, like to host an event or just want to come out and camp. Check out our website for more information!

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Amigo the Puppy at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

A couple months ago we did something that we had no plans on doing. We got a puppy we called “Amigo”, he was 8 weeks old born July 20th. We asked about his parents mother being around 40lbs and father 80lbs.. Amigo seemed tiny to us, so we thought he would get around 50 lbs a perfect size for the RV, since Dreugan is 100 lbs, smaller dog would have been nice.. Though at Amigo’s last vet exam at 13 weeks, he weighed in at 24 lbs, which means he’ll get around 80 lbs maybe more..

That’s fine with us, sometimes smaller isn’t easier.. We broke all our plans with getting Amigo, when Litha passed we wanted to wait to get another dog, and planned on getting a med size (not puppy, we just got past the puppy stage with Dreugan) dog. But when we saw the puppy sign Brent and I both felt compelled to go look (we never go look at parking lot puppies). We got there and the first puppy to come to us was Amigo, he looked similar to Litha even with the same white marks on his chest (Amigo is a different breed, only color, markings are similar, we don’t expect him to be Litha). We tried to put Amigo back in with the other pups but he didn’t want to go.

So now Amigo is part of our family, he’s vaccinated, chipped and officially a family member. This may sound weird to some but we feel Litha picked him out for us. 3rd picture is Litha- June 2015 to Sept 2022 ❤️

Cleaning, clutter and getting ready for travel day

I would love to know how individuals keep their RV from being cluttered.. Something we have not accomplished.. Sure few things we can down size, and we do often.

Living in a tiny place with 2 full time humans, 1 part time, 3 full time dogs, a cat and a part time dog does make it hard to keep things organized. But we love it even when unorganized and cluttered..

Ignore the vacuum, cleaning supplies in the photos, I am still cleaning and took a break to post. The RV is about ready to move, no matter if we sit for a day, week or months, I always have extra cleaning, storing before we move.

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Hight Temperature and RV living

We watched a RV YouTube video and they were saying you can’t be without AC in a RV in extreme heat stating “all RVs are heat boxes”.. It’s 103 out today and 89 inside. Maybe to some 89 is too hot, but to us it’s not that bad. (Ignore the date on the weather station, it doesn’t connect to the internet anymore). 14 degrees cooler in a class A with windows open and running a fan isn’t bad. You can do it without AC, is it for everyone? probably not.

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Waiting out Wind Storm

Sorry we haven’t posted in a few days. Last few days the only thing we’ve been doing has been sitting out the winds. “Fun” part of living on the desert is the winds, especially when you’re on a Mesa. When you go outside your eyes, mouth, get full of sand. Mask helps a little but not much.

Today was better, tomorrow we have another private event, which means getting things setup and cleaned up, tumble weeds are a never ending battle.

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Busy day here Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Our first full day back, got the RV winterized again, the water pump is fine, just blown fuse . Anne’s RV wouldn’t start, the battery died..

We have bookings this weekend here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun . Just about everything is setup and ready. Tomorrow night we are booked for a private event a night of music, which means tonight we relax and do some music, make sure everything is ready for tomorrow!!

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