Plateau Hame De

Art of Tiny Living

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun means Plateau Home of Colquhoun (Ka-Hoon)

Colquhoun is the Scottish clan that Calhoun’s are from.

Who are we?

Art of Tiny Living is what we use for our social media and YouTube channel.

Here’s a little about us.

We are Art of Tiny Living Brent, Melodie and Anne Calhoun. We started out our journey earlier in 2020 when we purchased 5 acres of vacant property overlooking the Rio Grande, and a class C (LAZY DAZE) RV that has become our home and road bound accommodation. Our journey hasn’t always been easy, since moving onto this beautiful piece of property thats 11 miles down gravel roads with mountainous scenery and view of the Rio Grande Valley. Somedays we’ve had struggles through the elements (mostly winds) and question being as prepared….but Pioneerism is taking advantage of what we can and learning from what we had not anticipated…..this is our journey, come along….and paint your wagon, or van or Rv…

Update 1/28/2022 Brent and Melodie now live full time in a Class A RV, Anne has the class C.


You can watch and read about our progress on this site, our YouTube channel, Facebook and on Instagram! Make sure to subscribe to one or all to get updates!

About Brent and Melodie owners of Plateau Hame De Colquhoun.

Brent Calhoun has been doing sound, lights engineering for over 30 years, he has toured internationally as a vocalist. Brent has helped write and produce a song for a Disney movie project, amongst few other projects.

Melodie worked in the Mental Health field for 15 years, before going back to college for an degree in art.

Brent and Melodie worked as site Managers for an environmental education center for 5 years before starting Plateau Hame De Colquhoun.

Directions from I25

You can view directions on our YouTube channel (In the video you can see a billboard that Billboard is no longer there) 


From I25 take exit 191 Belen Camino Del Llano, go west onto Camino Del Llano. (Opposite direction from Loves Truck stop, last available gas station)

Continue all the way up the hill.

Cattle crossing -first left on Harrison

6/10 mile Right on Marble quarry Rd

7/10 mile Left on Claudine Rd (at stop sign)

4/10 mile turns to dirt stay on dirt.

2 miles Stay to the left (straight at the curve)

5.5 miles Turn Right There is a sign with an arrow pointing to right. (This road is the first road in the right after Lulu Lane, if by No RVs sign, you have gone to far)

3/10 miles Take left end of the road (Twinnings Rd) Arrow pointing Left

2.6 take left (Colquhoun Way) .

2/10 miles you have arrived. (There’s a Blue Moon Shipping container)