101 RV Park, Calhoun Louisiana

Well we’re here at 101 RV Park for couple days in Calhoun, Louisiana .

We’re on the fence on whether we like the park or not. People are quiet, stay to themselves. Many long term campers which is okay. The park could used cleaning up some, we were worried about plugging in as the 30amp plug is all burned up. We did put meter on the 50 amp and it was okay. Water pressure is good, though spigot is broken, and stand in mud to hook up. Get alot of road noise even though you’re not right next to the interstate…our site has some wooded area and a local cemetery to explore just past the tree line and really good cell signal.

We did walk around town a little, cute little town. Tomorrow morning we head out to a State park in Arkansas for few days before heading to Fort Smith THOR Elite Firing Range and Gun Club

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Lafayette Louisiana

Nice dinner at La Maman here at Vermillionville in Lafayette LA. Great food, awesome museum. Worth the stop if you’re ever in the area. We’re here for the night before heading out to the next stop by Mobile Alabama.

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Myrtles Plantation Louisiana

Tiny Living Road Adventure Part Four – Myrtles Plantation Louisiana

Follow along while we experience Modern Pioneerism and its challenges

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Haunted Tour

The haunted tour was very interesting.. We had seen a few questionable things while on the tour.

In the entry way there is a piano under the stairs.. Anne and I where looking at it while everyone else was headed off into the dinning room. While standing there a few of the keys moved on their own.

Brent said that just as he was entering the dinning room he felt something brush against his arm while photographing….🤫🤔

In women’s parlor Mel’s arm felt like someone lightly rubbed it..

Very interesting visit..Makes you think..

Myrtle Plantation St Francisville LA

Spending the night at this beautiful place! We’re excited about doing the Haunted tour tonight! Before heading off early tomorrow for our next adventure! Thank you Myrtle Plantation and Harvest Host for this opportunity!

We have 2 more Harvest Host spots scheduled we’ll be posting our experiences on our Social media platforms and YouTube channel #artoftinyliving