Getting RV ready to move after being stationary

I don’t know about everyone else, but after being stationary for months the RV gets disorganized. When it comes time to move it becomes a task trying to find homes for everything.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the RV on a weeks trip. Which means I have to organize and find homes for the new and old items. Since February we’ve taken the RV once in May for an overnight trip to get it looked at. Finally got an appointment to get the repairs done next week.

Since @JAFO Productions is doing the sound at @B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico on Saturday we are taking the RV and staying in town, than onto a RV park in Albuquerque where the repairs will be done.

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Fighting Winds

If isn’t snow it’s wind… 30 mph winds with 40 mph gusts. We did drive 140 miles, 100 less than our original intentions. We’re sitting at Flying J in Amarillo TX. On the way here we seen one semi blown off the road and rolled. We are so close to home, yet so far…

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Flying J Oklahoma

1st image shows all the spots we’ve visited so far within the a year!

Tonight we are staying at the flying J! We’re in the last leg of this journey, though it’s been fun, we’ve learned, laughed and cried, but it’ll be nice to be back home.

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Waiting out winter storm in Oklahoma

Sitting here in Oklahoma waiting out the winter storm. Not much for snow yet, it did rain last night, so there was a dusting and ice on the ground. Today we’re dealing with 30mph winds and falling temps into the tens and single digits overnight. Not sure what the wind chill is but it’s chilly for sure but half the actual temperature is likely.

We’re staying warm, running a room heater that’s keeping us comfortable. Though we have found out that the best plan is to moderate the electric here. 30amp will not run the basement heater on full watts and inside heater jacked way up as well…
If needed we still have propane as our backup …🥶🤔

Pioneerism @ it’s finest…our available luxury is by no means a complaint.

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Traveling Across America Part Two

Travel Across America Part 2 Florida Escapees, Barry’s Compound, Boondockers Welcome and RV Park

Follow along while we experience Modern Pioneerism and its challenges.

Music: “The 5th Track”    
by The Infinite End Project
Composed and  arranged by:
Brent Calhoun

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Come hang out and do some Modern Pioneerism with us! 
We have open our land for anyone that would like to experience it for themselves.…/pla…/plateau-hame-de-colquhoun 

We do have plans to keep growing, building better roads, clearing pads adding more amenities.

We offer a communal fire pit a place everyone can come together have a fire. Disperse camping and privacy. Pets are welcome, must be leashed when leaving your camp site. 



Boondockers Welcome/Harvest Host

Music: “The 5th Track”    
by The Infinite End Project
Composed and  arranged by:
Brent Calhoun


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Traveling at night

It’s now 2:00 in the morning and we are back on the road heading to our next stop. It’s a short jump this time and can’t check in until noon. Which means we’ll need to find a spot before hand to get few more hours of sleep before going onto our next location.

We’d like to share a few pros and cons for traveling this time of day..


Less traffic, road workers.

Roads are cooler easier on tires.

Better fuel mileage less likely to be stuck in traffic.

Most bars have closed, which means most drunks should be off the road by this time.

Gives you more daylight time at your destination.

Security of resting at a location during daylight.



Wildlife.. we tend to travel at this time to bypass a major city and usually on major roads.. When traveling other areas we like early mornings just after day break.

Check in times tend to be later in the day. So you may need to find a spot to park a few hours.

Finding a spot to park can be both Pro and Con.. We tend to park before 5 in the evening.. which usually means we have no issue finding a spot.

BUT if check in isn’t until later you will need to find a place to park closer to your destination which means trying to find a spot during worse times.

Breakdowns, stops for supplies most locations are closed. Simple maintenance may need to wait for a store to open.

We’d like to hear your experiences, how do you like to travel..

Taking a Break

Not much has been going on the last couple days.. To keep our sanity we decided to take a step back from the solar, and took a drive, no we didn’t allow Dreugan to drive.. He has issues of not watching the road, turning around in the seat and sometimes laying on the floor..

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