Cleaning, clutter and getting ready for travel day

I would love to know how individuals keep their RV from being cluttered.. Something we have not accomplished.. Sure few things we can down size, and we do often.

Living in a tiny place with 2 full time humans, 1 part time, 3 full time dogs, a cat and a part time dog does make it hard to keep things organized. But we love it even when unorganized and cluttered..

Ignore the vacuum, cleaning supplies in the photos, I am still cleaning and took a break to post. The RV is about ready to move, no matter if we sit for a day, week or months, I always have extra cleaning, storing before we move.

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Fort Worth Texas

Onto the next stop. We had planned to leave the Rest Area at 3 but we over slept. I had set the alarm on my phone, but it either didn’t go off or we slept through it.

It had been a rough night for Dreugan.. He had diarrhea which meant him or I didn’t sleep the best. Which surprised me that I slept through the alarm. Dreugan is doing better this morning.

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