Living Off-grid in the Desert

Recently we’ve had people ask what it’s like living in the middle of the desert off-grid. Well I’m not sure how to answer that question, it’s not much different than living pretty much anywhere. There are hardships and joy. We have all or most of the modern conveniences, lights, water, heat, TV, computers.

I would have to say not having a shower is probably the biggest difference . Building the shower is not a priority and has been put on the back burner for awhile. Not because we couldn’t use it, but we can easily take long hot showers in town. Whereas with the shower we are building you will be required to do military showers, due to having to conserve the water.

Another is the solar, we aren’t able to run electric heat or AC on it. We don’t use many electronic devices like air fryers, coffee makers, and toasters to name a few. It’s not that we can’t but they tend to draw a lot of electricity so it’s easier not to have them. We do however have a microwave and it works but it is used for storage.

If you have a continuous cloudy days you do need to conserve your electric. Meaning no TV, fans, even small things like charging phones can cause too much of a drain.

If you are wanting to experience this way of life. You are welcome to come out and camp or attend an event here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun and see for yourselves!

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Hight Temperature and RV living

We watched a RV YouTube video and they were saying you can’t be without AC in a RV in extreme heat stating “all RVs are heat boxes”.. It’s 103 out today and 89 inside. Maybe to some 89 is too hot, but to us it’s not that bad. (Ignore the date on the weather station, it doesn’t connect to the internet anymore). 14 degrees cooler in a class A with windows open and running a fan isn’t bad. You can do it without AC, is it for everyone? probably not.

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ECC Electronic Climate Controller malfunction

We think it’s safe to say.. Had waited as not to jinx it..

After arriving and plugging in at Laura Ingalls Wilder Rv Park. Every time we turn the AC on the heater would turn on at the same time. Ac was putting out cold air but the heater was putting out as much heat.
We tried resetting, unplugging running off generator.. Nothing worked. We researched, reached out to others and everything was leaning towards a bad ECC (Electronic Climate Controller).

After arriving here we decided to try pulling the ECC and see if we could see any issues ourselves (though we don’t know much about the controller). We pulled it, unplugged the wires, blew them out and plugged them back in. Tried the AC and so far 12 hours later “knock on wood” Everything is working as it should!