Amigo the Puppy at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

A couple months ago we did something that we had no plans on doing. We got a puppy we called “Amigo”, he was 8 weeks old born July 20th. We asked about his parents mother being around 40lbs and father 80lbs.. Amigo seemed tiny to us, so we thought he would get around 50 lbs a perfect size for the RV, since Dreugan is 100 lbs, smaller dog would have been nice.. Though at Amigo’s last vet exam at 13 weeks, he weighed in at 24 lbs, which means he’ll get around 80 lbs maybe more..

That’s fine with us, sometimes smaller isn’t easier.. We broke all our plans with getting Amigo, when Litha passed we wanted to wait to get another dog, and planned on getting a med size (not puppy, we just got past the puppy stage with Dreugan) dog. But when we saw the puppy sign Brent and I both felt compelled to go look (we never go look at parking lot puppies). We got there and the first puppy to come to us was Amigo, he looked similar to Litha even with the same white marks on his chest (Amigo is a different breed, only color, markings are similar, we don’t expect him to be Litha). We tried to put Amigo back in with the other pups but he didn’t want to go.

So now Amigo is part of our family, he’s vaccinated, chipped and officially a family member. This may sound weird to some but we feel Litha picked him out for us. 3rd picture is Litha- June 2015 to Sept 2022 ❤️

CA Trip, Amigo the Puppy

Next week we’ll be heading off the land for a couple weeks to attend Aftershock Festival in CA. Plateau Hame De Colquhoun will remain open to campers while we are gone.

We are excited to be hosting a private event this weekend, October 21 will be the Haunted Hay (Hell) Ride and Haunted Hell Ride & After Party With Dirty Brown Jug Band

Featuring Dirty Brown Jug Band

Amigo the pup update

He is 9 weeks old today. Dreugan loves to play with him, though Dreugan tends to play a little “ruff”, soon Amigo will be able to keep up.  We’ve been taking him for rides in the pickup and car to get him ready for next week’s trip.Last night was Amigos first full night of sleep, we even had to wake him up at 3 am to take him out.

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New Colquhoun!!

Some may know a couple weeks ago we lost Litha. She was a wonderful dog and loved everyone.. Today we went to Walmart and someone had puppies, we usually don’t look, but for some reason it felt like we needed to. We walked over to look at the puppies and they had one that looked a lot like Litha, we debated on getting him, as we didn’t want a puppy nor thought we were ready for a new dog. But for some reason we picked the pup up and felt like he belonged, after a few minutes of talking we decided to take him.. Now we are home, the first thing he did was lay by the water bowl, which was Lithas favorite place as a puppy.

Everyone meet Amigo!! He’ll be out hanging with at the Music in the Desert Open Mic tonight

Dreugan Puppy 33 weeks old

Dreugan now 33 weeks old 7.5 months and still growing. He’s been doing good, still has puppy brains, and hormones are kicking in.. We plan on having him neutered but the vet recommended that we wait until he’s 1 to 2 yrs old, for bone growth. Love the puppy but also can’t wait to get pass that stage.

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Good morning

Dreugan still sleeps with us and loves his morning loves(sorry about my hair) Tomorrow he’ll be 10 weeks old and already 20 lbs..

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Dog Gonnit that’s all we got.

Tiny Living: Dog Gonnit that’s all we got. Puppy Modern Pioneerism, Off Grid living

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