Happy Valentines day

It’s a bit windy but quiet day out here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun . We like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!

Like always we start our morning working on emails, contacting those that need contact, working on the website and organizing events.

We have so many ideas for events we’d love to do. But like with every idea you are not sure it’ll work. But we do have the April Fool’s Open Mic a day and night of Music and vendors. We still have spots open if you’re interested in vending and it’s FREE. Camping is available for $10.00 for Friday and Saturday night.

We also have the Nomad Gathering in the Desert in May a whole weekend of activities. Music, vendors, bonfire, talent show, camping all for one entry fee $20.00 for the whole weekend! Anyone under the age of 10 is free.

We also have openings for vendors for the Nomad Gathering it’s free to vend with a registration.

For more information visit our website, Facebook or contact us!

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Made it to Sacramento

We’ve been here at the Cal Expo RV Park since yesterday morning. But before getting here we had a wonderful night at Van Ruiten Family Winery in Lodi. Great wine, wonderful atmosphere, if you’re ever in Lodi we recommend you stop in!

Now we are sitting here at RV Park, it’s nice to be in full hook up. The location of the park is fairly quiet. But when we reserved we had been told that the shuttle for Aftershock Festival came to the RV park. Which was the big deciding factor on not bringing the car. We found out yesterday that the shuttle pickup is 2 miles away (Still on the Cal Expo property so it wasn’t a lie).. 2 miles through Sacramento streets, which makes us (well me in particular) feel very uncomfortable walking in the middle of the night.

Shakespeare Ghost Town New Mexico

Shakespeare Ghost Town – New Mexico, USA
A unique space and history of mining, and what you can truly conclude of the “Wild (south) West “
The Abandoned town and turned into a ranch, with a scenic and harsh natural environment that is still untamed, and full of historical flavor.

Next stop Mesa Arizona to see Twin Temple and The Bridge City Sinners before heading to Aftershock Festival in Sacramento

Night at Walmart

This parking lot was the same parking lot we stayed at when we picked up the RV, we slept our first night in the RV here. We pulled in around 6:30 last night and the parking lot was already full of RVs, and semi’s. We were able to find a spot, and got to hang out and talk with a few of the truck drivers. Next stop a Ghost town.

At 8 last night we decided we wanted to go out and eat.. But soon we found out that it wasn’t an easy task, We looked up places within walking distance, checked closing times, after some debate, it was decided we’d go to #IHOP closing time 10 Pm. We walked (Got there at 9:10pm) over to only get denied service as the employee stated they were closed. Even though on their door it states 10 pm, all lights were on. IHOP Restaurant

Gunter Hill Campground

Our view until Sunday.. Sitting here waiting out the winter storms that’s supposed to hit most our route. If it does or doesn’t that’s okay. So far we are loving the campground, we hope to make it into town to go to the Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University !

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Traveling at night

It’s now 2:00 in the morning and we are back on the road heading to our next stop. It’s a short jump this time and can’t check in until noon. Which means we’ll need to find a spot before hand to get few more hours of sleep before going onto our next location.

We’d like to share a few pros and cons for traveling this time of day..


Less traffic, road workers.

Roads are cooler easier on tires.

Better fuel mileage less likely to be stuck in traffic.

Most bars have closed, which means most drunks should be off the road by this time.

Gives you more daylight time at your destination.

Security of resting at a location during daylight.



Wildlife.. we tend to travel at this time to bypass a major city and usually on major roads.. When traveling other areas we like early mornings just after day break.

Check in times tend to be later in the day. So you may need to find a spot to park a few hours.

Finding a spot to park can be both Pro and Con.. We tend to park before 5 in the evening.. which usually means we have no issue finding a spot.

BUT if check in isn’t until later you will need to find a place to park closer to your destination which means trying to find a spot during worse times.

Breakdowns, stops for supplies most locations are closed. Simple maintenance may need to wait for a store to open.

We’d like to hear your experiences, how do you like to travel..

Happy New Year’s!

It’s New Year’s….and as we wander or hang at the land we always keep our thoughts moving forward to the future.
May you all find peace, love and good happiness stuff in the upcoming year!

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Enjoying our visit Milton Florida

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
While sitting here with the windows and door open enjoying the 75 degree temps and listening to Brent Colquhoun playing a little bit on his bass, I work on some bookings we received for Plateau Hame De Colquhoun.

We’ve been enjoying our time here with Brent’s Mom Bev Ellis .. Tuesday we head out to the next adventure.

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Tiny Living Road Trip Through the Midwest Part 2 How to avoid New Mexico Heat or maybe not….

New YouTube Video on our #artoftinyliving  channel!
Tiny Living Road Trip Through the Midwest Part 2 How to avoid New Mexico Heat or maybe not….

Follow along while we experience Modern Pioneerism and its challenges

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