Night at Walmart

This parking lot was the same parking lot we stayed at when we picked up the RV, we slept our first night in the RV here. We pulled in around 6:30 last night and the parking lot was already full of RVs, and semi’s. We were able to find a spot, and got to hang out and talk with a few of the truck drivers. Next stop a Ghost town.

At 8 last night we decided we wanted to go out and eat.. But soon we found out that it wasn’t an easy task, We looked up places within walking distance, checked closing times, after some debate, it was decided we’d go to #IHOP closing time 10 Pm. We walked (Got there at 9:10pm) over to only get denied service as the employee stated they were closed. Even though on their door it states 10 pm, all lights were on. IHOP Restaurant

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