Building a new stage Day 1 at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Day one rebuilding the stage here at @PlateauHameDeColquhoun . We had to clear the old stage, rake before starting to move the poles in for the new stage.Image 1 is the old stage with a cover. Image 2 after removing the old stage and raking, leveling the ground. Video hauling in the new supports for the new stage.

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Nomad Gathering in the Desert Music Lineup!

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is proud to announce that Jer Killinger  Singer/Songwriter  and the
J5th & the 77 Riders will be performing at the Nomad Gathering in the Desert  on May 20th!

👇 Full schedule and Registration 👇

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Music in the Desert at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun, JAFO Productions

Amigo hung out with us while playing a little bit of music for the neighbors. Nothing can beat some nice music and watching the sunset over the Ladrones while being in the middle of the desert.

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun’s JAFO Productions has a full array of stage setups to meet all your music needs. Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is set up for concerts, gatherings, weddings, reunions… Or just come out to camp a night, a weekend or more.

We are now scheduling for 2023, book your event before we are filled up!.

Visit our website for more information!

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Music in the Desert end of season

The season for outdoor Music in the Desert is coming to an end. We had a good first season and hope next year will be even better!! As we grow we plan to build an enclosed stage and deck over the Bluemoon.

We are open all year to campers and smaller events. As always, Contact for more info.

See you again soon!!!

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Made it to Sacramento

We’ve been here at the Cal Expo RV Park since yesterday morning. But before getting here we had a wonderful night at Van Ruiten Family Winery in Lodi. Great wine, wonderful atmosphere, if you’re ever in Lodi we recommend you stop in!

Now we are sitting here at RV Park, it’s nice to be in full hook up. The location of the park is fairly quiet. But when we reserved we had been told that the shuttle for Aftershock Festival came to the RV park. Which was the big deciding factor on not bringing the car. We found out yesterday that the shuttle pickup is 2 miles away (Still on the Cal Expo property so it wasn’t a lie).. 2 miles through Sacramento streets, which makes us (well me in particular) feel very uncomfortable walking in the middle of the night.

Concert a night at Church Parking lot

Had a wonderful time at 5he The Bridge City Sinners and Twin Temple ! We spent the night at the local Assembly of God Church parking lot, they were very nice and accommodating, we thank them for allowing us to stay.

Tonight we head to Flying J in CA! We had someone ask why we don’t travel further in a day.. We could push and had madeMesa in one day. But we are in a 40ft RV, and found it’s safer for us and the RV to do smaller “jumps” our rule is 200 to 300 jumps. If we are wanting to go further in one day at 300 we have to take a long enough break so that the RV cools down, engine and tires.

We like traveling early mornings, later evenings or overnight, as it’s cooler, roads are cooler. Less wear and tear on tires, than running on hot surfaces.

PA, lights sound Engineer JAFO Productions

The lights and sound (PA System) of Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is JAFO Productions.

JAFO Productions is run by Brent Colquhoun. Brent has been a sound engineer and vocalist for over 30 yrs. He has worked alongside Rhythm Priest Products for many years. Together they have run sound and lights for many bands.

Tuatha Dea, Nathaniel Johnston, SJ Tucker, Damh the Barb, Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight, Jester, Lady J, Murphy’s Midnight Rounders, Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon, The Dregs, The Leprechaun Pirates, Zwaremachine plus many more…

Up to 20,000 plus watts of sound and a large array of lighting for your needs.

A sound engineer and lighting director will be available for all shows.


  • 32 Channel Soundcraft front of house mixer
  • 32 Channel Allen and Heath front house mixer
  • 24 Channel Mackie front of house mixer
  • Behringer Power amps
  • Qsc Power amps
  • Array of EQs, compressors and processing effects
  • JBL House Speakers
  • Peavey House Speakers
  • Soundtech Subs
  • JBL Subs
  • Behringer Subs
  • Peavey Sub
  • JBL Monitors
  • Peavey Monitors
  • Yamaha Monitors
  • JBL Drum Monitor
  • Assorted vocal mics, hand held and headset wireless mics, drum mics, DI racks and more


  • Par 36 & 56 LED DMX Control Lights
  • Pinspot Par DMX Control Lights
  • LED Spotlight
  • Low Profile Lighting Trusses (Configurable) with Backdrop Circle or Arch Truss Configurations
  • …And More

New Mexico West Mesa Desert Roads Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Not a lot has been going on, it’s a cooler day today with a nice southern breeze that flows through the open windows of the RV making it feel as if we have air conditioning.

Here Plateau Hame De Colquhoun we have some exciting events coming up. @Haunted Hay Hell Ride, @Haunted Hell Ride & After Party With Dirty Brown Jug Band , and a private event.

Enjoy the video of us driving to the neighbors to help them with a task. These are the main roads out here.

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Actors needed Haunted Hell Ride Rancho Rio Grande and Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

July was a quiet month We had few campers, we got a break from the desert and went to Phoenix for a concert, then took the RV and stayed at Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post . It was a nice park, but more crowded than we cared for. It had a pool and hot tub that we took advantage of.

Now we are back home and working on the next bigger events. Haunted Hay (Hell) Ride we are looking for volunteers for actors, drivers, attendants. With an after-party for all participants free camping.

Practice dates times to be determined.

2 in September after Labor Day, 2 in October before 21st. Contact us if you’re interested.

We also have a few private events and a couple trips we are getting ready for!!

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Plateau Hame De Colquhoun taking short vacation

The next couple weeks will be a bit busy Right now we are taking a short 2 day break and in Phoenix for a concert, we’ll be seeing Anthrax  Black Label Society

Brent JAFO Productions will be running sound for the B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico this Saturday July 30th.
After the bike rally we will be taking the RV for a much needed repair. 

Enjoy some of our photos on our trip here to Phoenix.

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