Dreugan taking a Drive

We needed to run into town, but none of us felt like driving.. Dreugan stepped up and drove us in. He just turned 2 on Jan 1st and feels he’s old enough. He isn’t too bad at driving as long as he doesn’t see squirrels, dogs, cats, cattle, horses, balls, any moving objects, kids, food.  He doesn’t come to a complete stop at a red light but certainly paws.

Happy 2nd Birthday Dreugan!

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Traveling at night

It’s now 2:00 in the morning and we are back on the road heading to our next stop. It’s a short jump this time and can’t check in until noon. Which means we’ll need to find a spot before hand to get few more hours of sleep before going onto our next location.

We’d like to share a few pros and cons for traveling this time of day..


Less traffic, road workers.

Roads are cooler easier on tires.

Better fuel mileage less likely to be stuck in traffic.

Most bars have closed, which means most drunks should be off the road by this time.

Gives you more daylight time at your destination.

Security of resting at a location during daylight.



Wildlife.. we tend to travel at this time to bypass a major city and usually on major roads.. When traveling other areas we like early mornings just after day break.

Check in times tend to be later in the day. So you may need to find a spot to park a few hours.

Finding a spot to park can be both Pro and Con.. We tend to park before 5 in the evening.. which usually means we have no issue finding a spot.

BUT if check in isn’t until later you will need to find a place to park closer to your destination which means trying to find a spot during worse times.

Breakdowns, stops for supplies most locations are closed. Simple maintenance may need to wait for a store to open.

We’d like to hear your experiences, how do you like to travel..