Traveling across America made it home!

We left Amarillo Sunday night and drove to Clovis New Mexico where we drydocked at Walmart. Next morning we made the last jump home.

We are now back home, not without some excitement that had to remind us we live out in middle of the desert.
Few days ago a neighbor had called us saying his RV been broken into, some people been squatting in it and trashed it (totalling it).

We all watch out for each other out here. Vandalism was bad for awhile, but we all were able to put a stop to it.. But now it’s back, and something like that hits hard, especially when your not home yourself.. We have security and someone coming in multiple times daily.. But still doesn’t make our stuff safe.

On the way home yesterday we noticed someone setting up camp not far from where the RV had been trashed. So once we got home, Brent and few neighbors went to check it out. Nobody was there so now we watch..

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Fighting Winds

If isn’t snow it’s wind… 30 mph winds with 40 mph gusts. We did drive 140 miles, 100 less than our original intentions. We’re sitting at Flying J in Amarillo TX. On the way here we seen one semi blown off the road and rolled. We are so close to home, yet so far…

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Winter Storms hard lessons to learn

Why can’t dogs sleep in? 5:30 am and they want out? I want to sleep in at least untill 6:30, nope I’m up and a wake.

We have learned alot this last week. We’ve been full time in this RV for almost a year and still learning. But this last week in the cold and traveling we’ve had a big learning curve.

At home we drain everything and don’t use it during the winter, so freezing isn’t an issue. But on the road we need the toilet, water so draining it all and not using it isn’t much of an option.

Things we did to prepare.

Put a heater in the belly of the beast. Helps to keep the water pipes, holding tanks from freezing, worked out really good. Heated water hose ours is rated for -40 F

We learned it’s best when temps are going to be in single digits for few days.. Hook up sewer and water but don’t open gray water tank until it’s about half full then dump, close again.

The spigot froze so we didn’t have shored water.. If this is the case don’t run water pump, use bottle water, don’t have holding tanks full, make sure that’s there’s something in the water heater and keep it on.

I made the mistake of trying to turn on the water pump. It wouldn’t come on, so we’ll have to see if it got frozen and killed it. We are waiting for few warm days before trying it.

We left the gray water open, I thought you leave the water running a little bit it’d help keep it all from freezing.. Nope the sewer hose froze solid and broke.

So we figure if happens again Keep holding tanks as empty as possible, drain water heater if you can, if not keep it on, put a heater in the belly. Have plenty of bottle water..

Best to go somewhere it won’t get that cold!!!

What do you do to handle extreme cold in your RV?

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Flying J Oklahoma

1st image shows all the spots we’ve visited so far within the a year!

Tonight we are staying at the flying J! We’re in the last leg of this journey, though it’s been fun, we’ve learned, laughed and cried, but it’ll be nice to be back home.

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Winter storm, Birthday and Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

First 3 pictures are views from yesterday and this morning at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun ! Last two are here at Brixey Lake RV Park here in Oklahoma. We are hoping to head back out tomorrow or Sunday. It has warmed up, and get warmer throughout the day, though staying below freezing, it’s a waiting game.

Today is Anne’s 18th Birthday 🎉🎊 make sure to wish her Happy Birthday. Welcome to Adulthood Anne!! Though I’m not sure we are ready for her to be an adult…

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Waiting out winter storm in Oklahoma

Sitting here in Oklahoma waiting out the winter storm. Not much for snow yet, it did rain last night, so there was a dusting and ice on the ground. Today we’re dealing with 30mph winds and falling temps into the tens and single digits overnight. Not sure what the wind chill is but it’s chilly for sure but half the actual temperature is likely.

We’re staying warm, running a room heater that’s keeping us comfortable. Though we have found out that the best plan is to moderate the electric here. 30amp will not run the basement heater on full watts and inside heater jacked way up as well…
If needed we still have propane as our backup …🥶🤔

Pioneerism @ it’s finest…our available luxury is by no means a complaint.

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Arkansas incoming Winter 🥶 storm

Spending part of the night here at THOR Elite Firing Range and Gun Club . Very friendly staff, we enjoyed our visit even though it’ll be a short one. With being a day behind and a winter 略 storm on it’s way,  we need to head out to our next stop.  Which is a RV park by Oklahoma City where we can sit and wait out the storm.

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Overnight Parking at Walmart

Tonight we’ll be docking here at Walmart . Since we spent all day yesterday working on the slide we weren’t able to take the Diamond mine tour. We had reservations today at THOR Elite Firing Range and Gun Club but they where nice enough to let us come tomorrow instead.

Our plan was to stay tonight at the state park, but our site had been reserved, so instead of packing just to move to another spot we decided to head out. We did get to take the tour today and enjoyed some diamond mining. We did find a little piece not sure if it’s diamond or not but it’s cool either way ☺️.

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