PA, lights sound Engineer JAFO Productions

The lights and sound (PA System) of Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is JAFO Productions.

JAFO Productions is run by Brent Colquhoun. Brent has been a sound engineer and vocalist for over 30 yrs. He has worked alongside Rhythm Priest Products for many years. Together they have run sound and lights for many bands.

Tuatha Dea, Nathaniel Johnston, SJ Tucker, Damh the Barb, Wendy Rule, Sharon Knight, Jester, Lady J, Murphy’s Midnight Rounders, Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon, The Dregs, The Leprechaun Pirates, Zwaremachine plus many more…

Up to 20,000 plus watts of sound and a large array of lighting for your needs.

A sound engineer and lighting director will be available for all shows.


  • 32 Channel Soundcraft front of house mixer
  • 32 Channel Allen and Heath front house mixer
  • 24 Channel Mackie front of house mixer
  • Behringer Power amps
  • Qsc Power amps
  • Array of EQs, compressors and processing effects
  • JBL House Speakers
  • Peavey House Speakers
  • Soundtech Subs
  • JBL Subs
  • Behringer Subs
  • Peavey Sub
  • JBL Monitors
  • Peavey Monitors
  • Yamaha Monitors
  • JBL Drum Monitor
  • Assorted vocal mics, hand held and headset wireless mics, drum mics, DI racks and more


  • Par 36 & 56 LED DMX Control Lights
  • Pinspot Par DMX Control Lights
  • LED Spotlight
  • Low Profile Lighting Trusses (Configurable) with Backdrop Circle or Arch Truss Configurations
  • …And More