Nomad Gathering and April Fool’s Open Mic

Nomad Gathering in the Desert is just around the corner. A fun packed weekend of activities. Silent Auction, Bonfires, Vendors, Stargazing, Talent Show, Movie “Off the Map”, Live Music by Jer Killinger Singer/Songwriter and J5th & the 77 Riders plus more!

Tickets can be purchased through the website by clicking the link below

We are still in need of volunteers and Vendors. It’s Free to Vend, with Registration. Volunteers get free admission for volunteering at least 2 hours.

Tickets can also be purchased during the April Fool’s Open Mic .

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Concert a night at Church Parking lot

Had a wonderful time at 5he The Bridge City Sinners and Twin Temple ! We spent the night at the local Assembly of God Church parking lot, they were very nice and accommodating, we thank them for allowing us to stay.

Tonight we head to Flying J in CA! We had someone ask why we don’t travel further in a day.. We could push and had madeMesa in one day. But we are in a 40ft RV, and found it’s safer for us and the RV to do smaller “jumps” our rule is 200 to 300 jumps. If we are wanting to go further in one day at 300 we have to take a long enough break so that the RV cools down, engine and tires.

We like traveling early mornings, later evenings or overnight, as it’s cooler, roads are cooler. Less wear and tear on tires, than running on hot surfaces.

Waiting game

Was a nice day out! We are now back in the waiting game for the next stage of our adventures. If you’re like me you hate waiting!  What are some of the things you do while you’re waiting? As you can see Dreugan is enjoying waiting..

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