CA Trip, Amigo the Puppy

Next week we’ll be heading off the land for a couple weeks to attend Aftershock Festival in CA. Plateau Hame De Colquhoun will remain open to campers while we are gone.

We are excited to be hosting a private event this weekend, October 21 will be the Haunted Hay (Hell) Ride and Haunted Hell Ride & After Party With Dirty Brown Jug Band

Featuring Dirty Brown Jug Band

Amigo the pup update

He is 9 weeks old today. Dreugan loves to play with him, though Dreugan tends to play a little “ruff”, soon Amigo will be able to keep up.  We’ve been taking him for rides in the pickup and car to get him ready for next week’s trip.Last night was Amigos first full night of sleep, we even had to wake him up at 3 am to take him out.

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