Taking a break and a rant

The last couple days have been windy out here on the mesa. We did have a couple campers come in during it all, very nice people and we enjoyed visiting and helping them to do few small repairs.

Last Saturday was the April Fool’s Open Mic, that morning Brent and I went out to put up signs, to help direct people out. Just about a mile from our place we found a tent set up on land owned by a neighbor we’ve become friends with, that lives in another state for now, but does come visit his land regularly.

Many people think the land up here is BLM land (This is what this person stated he thought it was). It’s not, it’s all privately owned. If you are looking for places to camp for a bit, come talk to us, we may figure something out. If you do plan to squat do some research first. Some land owners are very (rightfully) protective of their land. We did not run this tenter off, we just highly recommended that he move off that land, which he did.

Many towns people come up here to watch the sunset, see stars, catch the views or travel all the dirt roads. This is fine to do, but we have issues with a few 4wheeler operators going down private roads, cutting through private and marked property, dumping trash or household garbage and tossing beer bottles on the roads. This land isn’t a landfill, pack out your trash! Take your junk to be recycled or to a designated landfill! Come enjoy the views, drive your 4wheelers, picnic, but do it with respect. We don’t go riding through your yard and dumping our trash, or chase after your dogs (that’s rightfully on your property).

Well that’s my rant.. We might be a little quieter this week than normal. We are trying to take a few days off from projects, and events. We plan to enjoy Easter here and hang out with some friends and try not to think about events and projects. Next week we’ll be right back to getting ready for the Nomad Gathering in the Desert !

Until then make sure to visit our website, we still will be available to answer questions. We still have some availability for vendors..

We do have a slight schedule change/inclusion. Saturday May 20th, we may have BINGO. We are thinking of doing it at 1:30pm. Buy in per card is yet to be determined. Prizes to be determined by cards sold.

Let us know what you think a good cost per card is.

Also Saturday night the 20th will be live music by Jer Killinger Singer/Songwriter and J5th & the 77 Riders .

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week!!!

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April Fool’s Open Mic at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun off-grid Campground and Event Center

Now that the April Fool’s Open Mic is over we are sitting here out of the wind and relaxing a bit.

We thank everyone that came out, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed visiting, listening to music by JAFO Productions , Little Jasmine, Sam and Jannel, poetry, eating some good food thank you to Westland Meadows for cooking, we are happy that we were able to host an engagement party during the open mic, oh and seeing the calves, goats and Amigo getting loved up and playing with the children!!

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Nomad Gathering in the Desert in May!

Until then, enjoy the video of the April Fool’s Open Mic!!

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Petting zoo at April Fool’s Open Mic

We had a new addition to the April Fool’s Open Mic tomorrow; there will be goats and calves petting zoo! We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Make sure to follow the directions on the website!!

Talent No Talent Open Mic Baby Goats (Kids) Petting zoo!

Just little over a week left!! We still have room for vendors it’s free to vend, but we do ask that you sign up ahead of time.

There will be baby goats petting zoo!!

We do have a couple campsites open. Check our website for more info.

If your a band and like to camp make sure to notify us to get your free spot.