Volunteers and Vendors Needed

We still have vendors spots open for events listed below.

We are looking for volunteers for the Nomad Gathering in the Desert . Volunteers get free registration for the weekend which includes a campsite.

3 people for PA setup and tear down: Must be 18 and older, be able to pickup over 50 lbs. Friday needed 2 hours. Hour before the talent show, hour for breakdown. Saturday 4 to 6 hours, set up stage, PA and breakdown.

4 people for Registration, Friday 1 pm to 4 PM Saturday 10 am to 5pm. Your job is 4 hours 2 hours Friday, 2 Saturday. You decide how you’ll break or not break up the 4 hours. The job includes checking people in, giving out information needed.

I will add a registration on the Nomad Gathering Registration page on the website to register.

To register to vend contact us. We have openings for the April Fool’s Open Mic and the Nomad Gathering in the Desert. A list of vendors can be found on the website and Facebook Event Page.

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New Stage, Talent No Talent Open Mic

Only 6 more days until the Talent No Talent Open Mic!!

This is a FREE community event. Free to attend, Free to perform, and Free to vend!

We have 3 campsites left that are available for a night. Bands can reserve a site for free.

Contact us for more information!

We are proud to announce the new stage is almost finished as you can see in the video!

We are excited to get a chance to meet with all of you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, by email or through, Facebook, instagram, and on our website!


You can view directions on our YouTube channel (In the video you can see a billboard that Billboard is no longer there)

From I25 take exit 191 Belen Camino Del Llano, go west onto Camino Del Llano. (Opposite direction from Loves Truck stop, last available gas station)
Continue all the way up the hill.
Cattle crossing -first left on Harrison
6/10 mile Right on Marble quarry Rd
7/10 mile Left on Claudine Rd (at stop sign)
4/10 mile turns to dirt stay on dirt.
2 miles Stay to the left (straight at the curve)
5.5 miles Turn Right There is a sign with an arrow pointing to right. (First road to right after Lulu Lane)
3/10 miles Take left end of the road (Twinnings Rd) Arrow pointing Left
2.6 take left (Colquhoun Way) .
2/10 miles you have arrived. (There’s a Blue Moon Shipping container, Colquhoun sign)

Where no man has lived before..

Living where no man has lived before, to build a homestead, live off grid has many challenges.. Not only dealing with nature but our own emotions and inner challenges.

We are slowly getting closer to have our home set up. Room for friends or family to come visit or just hang out. A place for Brent to complete his own  or someone else’s music or festivals with bands. Brent has all equipment and lights to host bands or DJ for an event!

Though we have many projects we still would like to complete; Stage, deck, shower…

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In few days we will be heading out to a couple festivals. Where we’ve been invited to host some workshops on Modern Pioneerism. Travel is slow for us especially with a 40 foot rv, we try to limit our mileage to around 200 miles. We may drive this and call it a day or take a couple hour or so break before heading out for the next destination.

Our trip is going to consist of some wonderful stops. We very rarely stay at RV resorts, campgrounds. We do have 3 campgrounds, few winery’s, skydiving school, wall climbing Cafe, space & science museum, missile silo among others booked to spend at least one night. Stay tuned for pictures and YouTube videos of our adventures!