Vendors Needed

Vendors Needed

Do you have products you’d like to vend?

We have vendor spots open for some upcoming events. Prices vary on events. All events are advertised on social media and our website. Vendors will be listed on Facebook, and our website.

April Fool’s Open Mic (April 1st) is FREE to attend and vend.
Nomad Gathering in the Desert (May 19 to 21) Free to Vend with Registration.
Haunted Hay Ride (October 20-21) Information coming soon!

To register to vend at one or all events please contact us, include what event, what you are vending and size need.

For more information, directions and registration for events please visit our website.

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Safe Environment, Be yourself while camping

It seems so quiet here Plateau Hame De Colquhoun right now, first day in over a week we don’t have any campers.

We’ve had a couple people ask why we don’t post more pictures of people camping? We don’t share photos of people camping out of privacy and respect to anyone staying here.

As a camper you’re welcome to take photos. But we will not take any photos of anyone staying unless asked to do so…As a camper you’re welcome to take photos. But we will not of anyone staying unless asked to do so…

All are welcome, come be yourselves, enjoy yourselves within a safe environment!

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Flying J Oklahoma

1st image shows all the spots we’ve visited so far within the a year!

Tonight we are staying at the flying J! We’re in the last leg of this journey, though it’s been fun, we’ve learned, laughed and cried, but it’ll be nice to be back home.

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Overnight Parking at Walmart

Tonight we’ll be docking here at Walmart . Since we spent all day yesterday working on the slide we weren’t able to take the Diamond mine tour. We had reservations today at THOR Elite Firing Range and Gun Club but they where nice enough to let us come tomorrow instead.

Our plan was to stay tonight at the state park, but our site had been reserved, so instead of packing just to move to another spot we decided to head out. We did get to take the tour today and enjoyed some diamond mining. We did find a little piece not sure if it’s diamond or not but it’s cool either way ☺️.

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Night at Pilot Travel Center

Tonight we’re sitting here at Pilot Travel Center as the campground we had planned to stay at was nothing like we had thought. That’s okay as we got the much needed laundry done. We have one more night of drydocking before heading to a spot we have reserved for New Years!

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Overnight Parking at Walmart

We had one of our dually tires go flat on us on the Beast (Class A). We made an appointment at Big Os to get it fixed (Thinking something is wrong with the valvestem). Only time they had room was 9 in the morning (Due to our size, we take up most of their parking lot).

Not being a simple task to get the Beast through the Mesa roads, we decided to go the night before and dry dock at Walmart, like we’ve done a few times before.

We get into Walmart at 3 PM, find a parking spot and park. It’s cooler outside than inside the Rv so we all go outside sit, sitting on the steps, ground (No chairs). Security Guard drives pass us many times. 5 pm Brent and I go get something to eat to bring back from local restaurant, again the Security drives passed us walking. 7 PM we head into Walmart to get our much needed groceries all $150 worth of groceries and few other things. On our way out we see the Security guard and say hi to him.. It’s now 8:45 Sunday night most stores are closed. We’re sitting outside again to cool off after putting everything away. The Security guard stops and says “I have good news for you! We don’t allow overnight parking” Brent says “Oh we didn’t know as we’ve stayed before, only here cause we have a 9 am tire appointment” guard says ” we’re under new management, you must leave Bye Bye”, Then drives off. Why had he waited until now? Remind you it’s Sunday night, most places are closed, no truck stops near.

We head to Home Depot knowing I had called them in the past and asked if we could park overnight there and was told yes. It’s convenient as Big Os is pretty much in the parking lot. But it’s located in a much noisier location (Which is why we didn’t park there). Home Depot is closed so we have no way of asking, but we see a few trucks parked and hope we don’t get the middle of the night knock on the door, which we didn’t.

Issue with Walmart isn’t that they changed their rules, it’s why did they wait so late? The guard had many opportunities to talk to us, ask if we planned to stay overnight, been friendly about it. Weird they waited until after we spent money?

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