Snowy Day here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

This winter we finally got a little bit of snow! It’s very pretty, but we are glad it only lasts a day or so.

This morning I let the dogs out, thinking they wouldn’t stay out to long.. But nope the boys (Dreugan and Amigo) don’t want to come in, not even for breakfast. Weillow (Our 12 year old) on the other hand couldn’t get back in fast enough.

So now I sit here, work on a few Plateau Hame De Colquhoun things, drink some coffee and wait for the boys to let me know when they want in.

Today is one those days we are winging it on what we do. We want to go to Albuquerque and pickup few things for JAFO Productions and would also like to return a Masters propane heater we bought at Tractor Supply Co. .

We wanted a heater with a more Btu for the RV, and use the Buddy heater in the Greenroom or the Studio when we are in them. So we bought a 18,000 btu Masters, but it isn’t working right. It will ignite but after 15 minutes it shut off, then nothing.. We’ve changed tanks, tried it in different locations, blew it out. It Ignited and ran for a couple hours, then shut off, now won’t light. Even letting it sit for 12 hours . We are thinking the Thermocoupler is bad. If it was something we had for awhile we’d fix it, but we haven’t even been able to use it.

Living Off-grid in the Desert

Recently we’ve had people ask what it’s like living in the middle of the desert off-grid. Well I’m not sure how to answer that question, it’s not much different than living pretty much anywhere. There are hardships and joy. We have all or most of the modern conveniences, lights, water, heat, TV, computers.

I would have to say not having a shower is probably the biggest difference . Building the shower is not a priority and has been put on the back burner for awhile. Not because we couldn’t use it, but we can easily take long hot showers in town. Whereas with the shower we are building you will be required to do military showers, due to having to conserve the water.

Another is the solar, we aren’t able to run electric heat or AC on it. We don’t use many electronic devices like air fryers, coffee makers, and toasters to name a few. It’s not that we can’t but they tend to draw a lot of electricity so it’s easier not to have them. We do however have a microwave and it works but it is used for storage.

If you have a continuous cloudy days you do need to conserve your electric. Meaning no TV, fans, even small things like charging phones can cause too much of a drain.

If you are wanting to experience this way of life. You are welcome to come out and camp or attend an event here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun and see for yourselves!

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Dealing with the cold at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Mornings have been a bit chilly here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun , It was 17 outside when we got up this morning… Since we run a buddy heater for our heat, we only tend to run it at night before going to bed and in the morning when we get up. This morning when we got out of the warm bed, it was 30 degrees inside. The dogs wanted out, but Weillow met me with her teeth chattering.. Weillow wears a jacket and crawls up on the couch at night under blankets.. Like us she was probably warm until she had to go to the bathroom.

We can run the heater all night and probably will if we feel it’s going to get cold. Cold to us is when it doesn’t warm up during the day. Usually our days warm up enough to warm the inside of the RV nicely, we open windows and doors to get the heat in, but before it starts to cool off we shut everything down to trap in the warmth. We tend to stay at an even temp (depending on outside temp) until around 9-10 pm.. If we plan on staying up a bit we kick on the #buddyheater until we are ready for bed or it warms up. We do this as we feel safer, and save on propane even though we have smoke and Co2 detectors, sleeping with the heater off.. In the morning the first to wake up turns on the heater.

We had talked about doing wood, but if you’ve ever seen any of our photos trees are pretty sparse, and the cost of wood isn’t worth it.

What have you used for heat. Comment below and let us know.