One step further.. Desert Life

We love that we are finally to point here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun that we have moved onto the level of opening up for events.

So many projects we still need or want to complete. But we are slowly getting there!

We have a stage, first concert booked and selling limited tickets. Campers been steady, which we like a lot. The shower is one step closer to being finished.

Wonderful neighbors, we enjoyed hanging with them and watch the eclipse!

So many projects not enough sunny days!

photo is rain coming over #ladronepeak.. 2 days of rain and cloudy days is making hard on the little solar system. Rain has also slowed us even more on the bigger 8k system. We are very close to finishing but much of what’s left needs sunny days. Last week all our sunny days we’ve been busy with other life projects.

It’s now evening and clearing off, we are fully booked up with campers for weekend here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun. We just finished up getting everything set up for the #campers. We’ve been so busy even Dreugan has passed out.

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