Projects here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

We got the Dusty Nail build pretty much finished. Now we start cleaning and setting up the inside.

We are excited to have the new stage and Dusty Nail General Store ready for the April Fool’s Open Mic !

I have so many ideas on how I want to decorate the inside, I’m not sure I will be able to accomplish my ideas by the next event. I will probably put off these ideas until after the Open Mic.

The next projects

First will be a shower. We have everything to build the shower. We will be looking for a good 275+ gallon IBC tote, cheap, food grade with good tread on the spout. If you know of one please contact us

We are planning on adding another road, 2nd parking area (can be used for parking or campsites) and a few more campsites.

We also plan on moving our private residence area back. This will give more campsites. Give us and the dogs more privacy while having events and or campers.

But before we can move our spot back we have to build the 5k solar setup. This one will only be dedicated to the “Beast” class A. The big solar is for the Greenroom, Bluemoon, maybe shower, and sound/lights during events.

If you’d like to come visit and see what we are doing. We welcome you to attend one of our events. April Fool’s Open Mic on April 1st, Nomad Gathering in the Desert May 19 to 21, Haunted Hay ride in October, (more events coming soon)come camp, or contact us to come and visit a few hours.

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One step further.. Desert Life

We love that we are finally to point here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun that we have moved onto the level of opening up for events.

So many projects we still need or want to complete. But we are slowly getting there!

We have a stage, first concert booked and selling limited tickets. Campers been steady, which we like a lot. The shower is one step closer to being finished.

Wonderful neighbors, we enjoyed hanging with them and watch the eclipse!

Projects, Planning another Public Event

Our first public event was small but successful.
After receiving many requests for another event. We are thinking of doing another Open Mic “Talent no Talent Show” the beginning of May, we’ll update date and times soon!

While planning the next event. We are working on getting the shower and second compost toilet built.

We are in need of a few items for few projects we are working on or plan to do.

Know of any of the items listed at a reasonable price let us know!
-About 100 Square feet of Linoleum
-Couple doors
-Lumber 2×4, OSB, 4×4, 2×6
-Tin or Aluminum Siding
-Trailer 20 ft, possibly used as a stage.

  • large full sized Plastic Pallets

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Lumber costs and projects

The days are warming up, there are so many projects we want to complete, but the cost of lumber has made us try to find cost effective alternatives which in turn is making the process of completing these projects slower.

We have had couple campers book through the new reservation platform on the website. So far have had good results with it.

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Delayed yet again

Heat, and storms. Dealing with weather doesn’t give us much chance to complete the projects we are wanting to complete. Today we were supposed to pickup an armoire and couple end tables, we’ll have to see what these clouds do before we can get them.

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Change of plans, many projects

The first of the two new containers arrived today. We’ve done some changes in our planning. This one is going to become a battery/storage with hopefully enough room for workshop. The enclosed trailer (photo 3) that we had plans to make into a battery house, will become water storage with a shower. The newest container will become the kitchen, guest room.

On another note we had a old snapper riding lawn mower given to us by the container delivery guy! It hasn’t been started this year, but has a new motor, so hoping it’ll start without much issue, need to fix the tires.

So next question we’re asking, what project do we do first? Before setting the batteries up in the container we need to fix a leaky spot in the roof (we knew about it when we purchased it). We want to get the mowing finished, start build the solar panel frames?

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Projects waiting game and weather

We have many projects to achieve, but much of it is weather dependent. Forecast is showing rain for the next couple days. Which means we wait it out, don’t run much for electricity due to lack of sunlight. Once the new solar is up and finished, and new container is delivered. We’ll be able to do more of the work that isn’t weather dependent. But until then here we sit…

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