Upcoming Travels

Getting things ready for an upcoming trip. In June we’ll be heading out to present our “Modern Pioneerism” at a couple festivals throughout the Midwest. We are hoping to share our experiences to help others achieve their own Modern Pioneerism without as much learning curve as we’ve had!

Our workshops we’ll be offering..

Setting the vision.

We found ourselves in late 2019 looking to discover a place in the world that was ours. We felt that the fates had led us (intentional or not) onto a path of discovery for ourselves. There was a way of living that was difficult to define to others, much less clearly understood by us. We knew just a taste of what was possible within what we were already doing in a tiny environment. The leap was certainly an opportunity to see something for all of us and answer the question, did we hold within the spirit of those ancestral footsteps, to break the ground where few feet have tread?

**Back ground…….

**the sizing down….

**Why the Hell New Mexico?

**What would the elders have said?

**Oh Shit!!!! It’s Covid!

Plateau Hame de Colquhoun.

What is it that drew us here? These harsh wastelands of the Mesa, the desert, the badlands of the American SW. There is this sense of being “out there” that is easily envisioned and yet meant to be only experienced. Surrounded by vast lands and hugged by the mountains, it does leave one with a feeling of abandon and isolation, and yet comfort. What a better place to find yourself and learn of your merits and your might. Like those of a different age, we have to discover what works for all of us, and what is the most sustainable method of our existence within a small footprint, in a place that only allows for shallow roots.

**Getting there is the easy part?

**The learning curve

**Living in the Wild, Wild West ( this isn’t the 1880’s)

**What’s to make of Necessity? ( where want and Need collide)

**Footprints in the sand

Where do we go from here?

When we think about the possibilities, we make choices. What fits the now vs. what can wait..and what is most important to us. We have a desire to be nomadic. We have a want to expand out into places of meaning and yet develop and grow with what we have at home. The conundrum of the contradiction? Maybe?

**There is always an option

** Living Tiny in a Great Big World

**The Spoke and the Hub

**Oh Gimme a Home