Traveling across America made it home!

We left Amarillo Sunday night and drove to Clovis New Mexico where we drydocked at Walmart. Next morning we made the last jump home.

We are now back home, not without some excitement that had to remind us we live out in middle of the desert.
Few days ago a neighbor had called us saying his RV been broken into, some people been squatting in it and trashed it (totalling it).

We all watch out for each other out here. Vandalism was bad for awhile, but we all were able to put a stop to it.. But now it’s back, and something like that hits hard, especially when your not home yourself.. We have security and someone coming in multiple times daily.. But still doesn’t make our stuff safe.

On the way home yesterday we noticed someone setting up camp not far from where the RV had been trashed. So once we got home, Brent and few neighbors went to check it out. Nobody was there so now we watch..

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