Day 2 Stage Build at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Today we start day 2 of the stage build. The new stage is staying with our theme Modern Pioneerism meaning using modern recycled materials to build or achieve our goal. As many know we have a high power powerline that runs by our property. Last month the power company replaced a bunch of the poles. We allowed the workers to use our driveway, park their equipment by our place. In trade for 15 poles and plugs. Neighbors took the poles, we got the plugs.

We are using the plugs to build the stage (plugs are the part of the pole that was buried in the ground. Each pole is around 600 lbs and we are using 10 poles (that we are moving in place by hand).

Today we work on finishing placing the poles, leveling. The new stage will be the same size as the old 16×16 with a riser. Height was about 1 foot, new stage about 3 foot. We will still be able to break the stage down to setup a smaller stage like in the photo.

I will post more photos, videos of the work.

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