Class Reunion and Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

This weekend is my 30th class reunion Browerville Class of 1992. Hard to believe it’s been 30 years. I hope the reunion has a good turn out! Look forward to pictures.

We’ll be here Plateau Hame De Colquhoun getting ready for the Music in the Desert event July 16th!! Ladrones Quest with JAFO Productions!

If you’re in the area stop by and listen to some great music!

On July 30th we’ll be at B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico where Jafo Productions will be running sound and I’ll be running our booth, stop by and see us.

We also have few other events in works (Hint) one is around Halloween! Watch our Facebook’s and website for more info.

Tiny Living Road Trip Through the Midwest Part 2 How to avoid New Mexico Heat or maybe not….

New YouTube Video on our #artoftinyliving  channel!
Tiny Living Road Trip Through the Midwest Part 2 How to avoid New Mexico Heat or maybe not….

Follow along while we experience Modern Pioneerism and its challenges

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The Long Drivin Long Prairie Minnesota

Our last night in Minnesota we thought a stop here at #thelongdrivein in #LongPrairie would be fun. A last chance for friends and family meet up with us before heading back towards #newmexico.

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We’ve been having phone and camera issues, which had been making it hard to release videos and post pictures. We are working on a solution and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon!

Update on our adventure!
We are in MN and will be enjoying our time with friends and family for another week, before heading back. Once back we are hoping to jump into building the new solar (will positive thoughts that the price of lumber will be lower)! We already have campers (#plateauhamedecolquhoun)booked for August (only a few spots left!) and looking forward to get back into the role of our modern Pioneerism!!! #modernpioneerism #artoftinyliving

Next stage

The festival is now over, we will miss the old Friends and new friends we have met.

It was good to spend time with our dear friends Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon! Hopefully soon they will be out to see us at #plateauhamedecolquhoun! You will be able to watch Mariah and few other musicians We’ve met and had privilege to listen to during the festivals on our next YouTube video!

We are now in Minnesota visiting family  before heading out of our next adventure. Where is that? We don’t know yet!

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Made it!!

Made it to New Mexico! We’re boondocking at Walmart for the night. Even though only 15 miles from our property. In the morning we’ll head to storage and unload most of the trailer. We don’t want to go to the property with a heavy load of less immediate use items.

We’ll be uploading a new video soon!

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