Music in the Desert “Ladrones Quest”

You can now watch Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon concert on our YouTube channel!

Tickets are now on sale for July 16th concert Ladrones Quest. $20. Early sales $30 at the door, $5.00 tent camping, $10.00 Rvs.

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New Merchandise

Been a while since we’ve posted. Last weekend we had a nice turnout for Anne’s graduation and Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon concert.

You can now purchase “I survived Music in the Desert” Tshirts!

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Music in the Desert Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon!!

Plateau Hame De Colquhoun music in the desert concert with Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon!!!

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Life in the Desert

Living off-grid on top of a mesa in the middle of the desert.. Sounds easy right? Umm no! We love it here, but there are times we wanted to leave and never look back. We understand why nobody had ever lived here. It’s hard, the weather is unpredictable.. A nice calm day suddenly turns into 40 to 50 or even more mph gusts that disappear as fast as they appear.

Everything gets full of sand, your hair, eyes, mouth. Even with windows closed sand still gets into your house, and vehicles. There is no way to get away from it.

But the sunrises, sunsets, mountains, stars, wonderful neighbors, campers, and events like Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon that’ll be here next Saturday all make it worth it.

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Horny Toad waiting to see Covert Dragon!

So this little guy is all excited, maybe even a little horny, that we have a Covert Dragon along with Mariah Dawn Shepherd coming to visit

Music In The Desert Presents Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon!
Limited tickets and camping still available for Saturday May 28th Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

See link for your ticket to
Music in the Desert
$10 show
$30 camping and 2 tickets !!!!

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Where are the bovine going? Music in the Desert

Where are the bovine going?
Well, Plateau Hame De Colquhoun of course.
Don’t miss your chance to Steak out some tickets for Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon.
Limited tickets and camping are available for this one-night event. No BULL!!

Saturday, May 28th….follow the link for availability.

Don’t be someone UTTERLY left out to pasture.

A full evening of Neo-Folk entertainment at a price that won’t MILK your wallet dry.

Not your average day at the Beach!

What’s the best part of a day at the beach? The sand!

Plenty of sand to go around, we’ll have to wait till CA falls into the ocean before there is surf…

But your chance to see Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon you don’t have to wait for.

May 28th, 2022

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Are the winds ever going to stop?

The last few days been interesting, it’s been windy and hot. We’ve been on 3 rescue missions and had the Talent no Talent show.
Winds are messing with us. We have many projects we want to do, the shower being one. To achieve the build we need at least 2 days of no winds.

Since we can’t really do much outside I’ll post more on the May 28th Concert with Music In The Desert Presents Mariah Dawn Shepherd and the Covert Dragon!

Doors open at 4:00 Pm, bonfire with drumming following the concert.

We have a limited amount of tickets, camping sites. Make sure to get yours!!

What to Bring

  • Yourself!
    *S’morse or Hotdogs
    *Sunscreen and shade

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