Free ranged cattle in the desert

This morning we had a big black bull come and visit. He was very respectful and stayed his distance. We try to prevent the cattle from coming into the yard. We can put up a fence but we love the open feeling of the land, and don’t mind seeing the cattle come through. We have put up motion detectors where sirens go off and so far that has kept them out of the yard away from the solar panels. These cattle do not get much human contact and free ranged on 1000s of acres, they don’t care about being around us and tend to keep a distance. We return their respect and give them their space and ask all that come and visit or stay to do the same.

During your stay whether it’s for the Nomad Gathering in the Desert on May 19th to 21st, or seeing Jay Floyd in Concert on May 6th, one of the Camping and Movie nights, Haunted Hay ride, camping or just visiting you may see the cattle pass through or along your route out.

Like any wild animals we do ask that you not to feed the cattle, or try to approach them., They may look friendly, calves may look cute. They can and will hurt you, so respect them and watch them from a distance.

For more information on our events and how to register please visit our website or contact us by email or DM.

” Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is located on the southern point of the West Mesa by Bosque, New Mexico off I25 just 41 miles south of Albuquerque. A place for fun and relaxation, star gazing all year long. Visit our website for details”

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