Roads to Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Example of the road.

On the drive home from town I got to thinking about the dirt road and traveling it. This road is our biggest fear, why would people travel to attend an event. Though it’s washboard and has dips, it’s not a bad road as far as dirt roads go, it’s not rocky, pretty straight, there’s one hill but not a big hill.

For us to achieve our privacy, quietness, the views of mountains and skies (hardly any light pollution. We had to be off the beaten path. Out here you can be as loud as you like, all night if you want to. Beautiful sky views, You can run naked all day if you really want to (Not my thing but others may like it). But the point is by living down this road we have the ability to do those things.

Biggest issue we’ve have had so far with the road (That really surprised us). There are a lot of campers (probably about half that come) that don’t know how to travel a dirt road.

When traveling roads that are washboard (not talking dips, hills). Slow is not better, (not talking about pulling a 5th wheel as I’m not sure how they handle it) but class A, C, vans, cars, trucks, TT. When you drive to slow you hit every washboard rib. But give it some speed (each vehicle is different on how fast) you float over the top, you can still feel the ribs but not as bad, also in bigger vehicles slowly swerve back and forth.

It takes us about 20 minutes to travel the 11 miles in our RVs. The car, truck about 15 minutes.

We’d like to hear what you found that works, doesn’t work while traveling.

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