Wind, sand storm in the Desert. Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Yesterday we had 55 mph gusts, 30 mph sustained winds. Having dealt with winds many times, we have learned how to better deal with it. We try to make sure everything is anchored down, or protected.  We were lucky we didn’t get too much damage. We did lose the cover for the dog food bin, water and sand got into the bag. We had the bin protected from the southern winds, but when the squall hit the winds and changed directions instead of south, it changed to the west.

I was on the phone with my Mom Linda Rone  at the time I saw the lid fly by, but we couldn’t go out and grab it out of fear that when we opened the RV door the RV would fill up with sand. So we waited for the winds to settle a little to go out and try to save the dog food.

While talking on the phone just before the dogfood lid, I had seen a deflated balloon fly by that read “Happy Birthday”. We have no idea where this balloon came from.

We did have a few smaller items fly off, but nothing we hadn’t recovered. I had a big tote full of vendor supplies (about 50 lbs or more) stored under the Greenroom, that the wind caught and moved to the middle of the yard.

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