Driving the musical road

Yesterday we took Anne’s puppy our grandpup in to get spayed. Since Anne got her at a humane society in Albuquerque you’d think the pup would go to a vet in Albuquerque.. Nope we had to go to Edgewood, which was a 2 hour drive for us.

Since it was too far for us to drive twice we stayed around town, with all the dogs (15 hours too long to leave locked in at home).

We did get to visit the local zoo Wildlife West Nature Park a very nice park well worth the visit!! Room and shade in the parking lot for the dogs, they got to walk and play a little!

We also got to drive down Route 66 over the musical road.. The signs are gone showing you where the spot is, but still can hear the music.

Now the pup is back home, relaxing and healing. We are getting ready for our trip to CA to go to Aftershock Festival this coming week. Stay tuned for pictures and videos!

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