Plateau Hame De Colquhoun Projects and Report upcoming events

Not a lot to report.. We have been working planning the Haunted Hay Ride a community event that is being held up here on the mesa in October 21st. We also have a private event in November, and are working on doing another concert of some type here in the near future.

@JAFO Productions which is the music production, sound engineer part of the Plateau Hame De Colquhoun LLC, will be running lights and sound at an upcoming  @B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico where I’ll also be running a booth for @plateauhamedecolquhoun .

Other Projects: The famous shower, we’ve been working on for awhile, has experienced  some issues that have put the project on a temporary hold. We are hoping soon to start building another 5k solar system, The issue with this project is the cost of lumber. Which is causing us to find alternative low cost frames for the panels. We’ve been trying to find bigger pallets that the panels will fit on.

We also like to build a deck over the blue moon which includes a roof over the stage, again cost of lumber and lack of finding good shape, low cost recycled lumber, tin..

Modern Pioneerism is using recycled or inexpensive items that help us survive living off grid on harsh land that no one has lived on before.

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