When Karen is in heat.

Another warm day has come and gone.. Not much to report other than working on staying cool. We’ve had a few comments stating the heat isn’t healthy for us or the dogs, and that we should start the generator to run the AC.

I don’t believe the heat is causing us health issues, as long as you stay hydrated, in the shade and keep your body as cool as possible. We do all this, we and the dogs stay hydrated, out of the sun as much as possible.. We pretty much hibernate during the day. Once the sun starts going down and starts cooling off we go out, dogs go out and play.

Issues this last week the nights haven’t been cooling off as much. Which makes it harder to sleep, and in turn makes the heat of the day harder to handle.

Sure AC would be nice, but we also don’t want to be dependent on it. There are times we have to work during the heat of the day. My experience is when I have AC I tend to get sick when trying to work in the heat.
And for those that can’t find a rationale for living the way people did before AC…..you know nothing of the pioneering strength that builds character.
Not once were we complaining of agonizing “the struggle”….it was conversation that everyone is mostly experiencing around the globe…IDK, maybe to many people have just gotten to soft for hard work and harder living.

#noexcuses #modernpioneerism #alwaysmakeitwork #artoftinyliving #plateauhamedecolquhoun

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