Tomorrow is the Talent No Talent Open Mic Music in the Desert

Dreugan (Pictured) says that Tomorrow is the Talent No Talent Open Mic!!!!

He says to make sure to Bring your family, pet some goats, sing, dance, tell a story, read of poetry, grill some food, most importantly have some fun!

This is a FREE event.. While you’re here buy an Early Bird ticket for Plateau Hame De Colquhoun Music in the Desert presents Mariah Dawn Shepherd & the Covert Dragon !

Early Bird Ticket $7.00

Early Bird RV, Tent Camping $25.00
Includes 2 Concert Ticket and camping pass.

Only Available tomorrow at the Plateau Hame De Colquhoun booth!

From I25 take exit 191 Belen Camino Del Llano, go west onto Camino Del Llano. (Opposite direction from Loves Truck stop, last available gas station)
Continue all the way up the hill.
Cattle crossing -first left on Harrison
6/10 mile Right on Marble quarry Rd
7/10 mile Left on Claudine Rd (at stop sign)
4/10 mile turns to dirt stay on dirt.
2 miles Stay to the left (straight at the curve)
5.5 miles Turn Right There is a sign with an arrow pointing to right. (First road to right after Lulu Lane)
3/10 miles Take left end of the road (Twinnings Rd) Arrow pointing Left
2.6 take left (Colquhoun Way) .
2/10 miles you have arrived. (There’s a Blue Moon Shipping container)

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