Dreugan is the vocal dog that lives at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun.

Dreugan, Weillow and Amigo all live with us here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun. Dreugan is a 100 lb 2 year old Huskweiler that lives to talk. Amigo is our 6 month old Lab mix, he’s our thief he loves to steal socks and keeps stealing Dreugan’s toys and hiding them.

Dreugan has to stay tied while outside not because he takes off (though sometimes he scares campers) but because every time we allow him to run the yard he gets sick. We do let him off but we try to monitor him. He loves chasing lizards, yucca roots (we know yucca root isn’t the issue as him and Amigo’s favorite toy is a yucca root), we are thinking the issue is the lizards. He does have allergies so could be many things, but when he stays tied he doesn’t get sick as often. Plus he is very vocal (husky side) his looks and size tend to intimidate people.

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