Talent No Talent Open Mic Music in the Desert

This is our second community open mic event. The first event was more successful than we could have ever imagined. So much so many asked us to do another one.

So we had a meeting of neighbors who all graciously come together to make this happens.

We all love where we live, find it peaceful, we’re not just neighbors, we are a family. As a family, we have opened our doors so other people can enjoy the unique atmosphere we have up here in the middle of the desert on top of a mesa.

Come up enjoy the day and come meet our family. Campsites are available check our website for more info on reserving your spot.

Bands bring tent, RV you get the night free to camp. You must contact us to reserve your spot a head of time.

Our Audio Engineer and MC is Brent he is the owner of Plateau Hame De Colquhoun . Brent has been audio engineer, vocalist for over 30 years. He had toured with a group called Jester, he has produced, co-produced, and written, done vocals for himself and with others. He has been part of audio engineering for bands like Tautha Dea, Zwaremachine, Wendy Rule, SJ Tucker, and more…

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