Not a Scam Nomad Gathering in the Desert

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday the 1st of February!

Been a busy day of organizing the RV here. We always tend to have too much stuff and once in a while we clean, get rid of stuff and reorganize.

We had a couple people post comments on our Nomad Gathering in the Desert saying it could be a scam. It isn’t a scam, but most people would say that. So the only way we can prove it is by inviting you all out. We are having the April Fool’s Open Mic on April 1st. It’s free to attend and a good way to meet us, and see what we are about. If you can’t make the April 1st, you are welcome to contact us and set up a time to meet.

Make sure to check out our website and Facebook page we have posts with some videos and photos of past events.