Morning sunrise at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Views this morning here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun got me to thinking. As many know Brent and I wrote A short story called “Stigma Towards Mental Illness” (It can be found on Amazon). In the story Stigma is a monotone (one color) color wheel. As Stigma goes along his path he meets people with mental illnesses and learns from them and gains color as he goes.

Life is like that, as you meet people you gain, we are all different. A those differences help us grow as individuals. If we all believed, dressed, acted the same we would not have free will, nor would we learn and grow.
Be proud of who you are, and respect others, for what you and they believe, came from and headed to. As all those things make us all our own individuals.

But anyways that’s my sappy stuff for today. On another note Brent and I are proud to announce we have written another book, took me a few years but we finally submitted it to a publisher (fingers crossed). This book is darker, and sad. It has no title yet, but it tells a story of long term effects of being bullied.