Controller In Los Lunas UPS Store Delivery Issue

Guess what came in today!! Now we need to hook everything up. We also decided to buy wire instead of moving the panels. Main reason being the panels are in a really good no shade spot, we move them closer they will get shade.

Now our rant….. We are soooo tired of dealing with getting anything delivered.. UPS especially, they will not deliver to our place.. We where told by a worker at the store that if we send packages directly to the UPS store in Los Lunas that they will not charge us to pick the packages up..

So we did this with the controller, but when I get there they inform me I had to pay $10.00, they don’t even say it nicely, very rude right away. I reminded them what I had been told, they start yelling at me and said they’ve told me multiple times (which they didn’t) “If we don’t rent one of their boxes, we have to pay”.. They then told me once I said “fine whatever, I shouldn’t have to pay when you guys refuse to deliver” That they don’t have to give me the package at all, even after I paid they informed me again they don’t have to give it to me.. They didn’t even hand me the package I had to get it off their scale.. They continued to mouth off about me while I was walking out. (Though I had said loudly you guys suck, and shouldn’t have to pay).. They are not quiet about it either, customers in the store heard the whole thing… Did they offer any alternatives other than us paying $45 a month for a box?? Nope..

Okay rant over…

Night of singing

New video Released!

Tiny Living:Night off listening to Brent sing using generator. Modern Pioneerism Off Grid living

Follow along while we experience Modern Pioneerism and its challenges.

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