Solar is working!!

Good news! The solar is up and working! Now it’s time to move into the next project. Which project we’re not sure yet. I have been slowly unpacking and setting up the guest house. Brent hasn’t had much chance to start unpacking, organizing the blue Moon.

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Another day gone

Another day gone, other then working on sage we worked on the Blue Moon container.. Getting it air tight for the music gear!! Our next big project is figuring out a stage. We had been wanting to build one, but feel the price of lumber it’d be cheaper to find an alternative. Few things we’ve been watching for is a Flatbed trailer, plastic, wood pallets..

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Learning Curve

Music without a generator!!! We still are not sure about the solar, it’s still showing it’s in sleep mode, but the inverter, controller and our multimeter is showing the batteries are fully charged.

Today we are putting a little heavier load, to test it out. But even with 600 watt amp, and now fridge in the RV we are only using 14% of the batteries… So we’ll see how tonight goes with leaving the fridge on,  see how it handles it.. (One step at a time)…

We are thinking we’re not pulling enough off it to put the controller in wake mode.

Fingers crossed this is the issue, cause it is nice to have enough electricity to run most everything!! Yet another #learningcurve … Once we feel secure with the solar we’ll finally get to move all our stuff out of storage and set up the containers music studio, library, living room, kichen…Which will require more #electric

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