Blue moon container

Worked on setting up the music studio in the #bluemoonbeer container.. Got pretty much everything set up. But we did find we don’t have room to set up the library in there like we had hoped. So we will be working on ideas for future Library…

Due to the price of lumber, we are trying to find alternatives for a stage. Trailer, plastic pallets, old deck someone may not want anymore. These are few things we are looking out for on the Marketplace, swap pages.

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Getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner!

Prepping a few things for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! We will be having our first Thanksgiving with a few of the neighbors..
Monday Brent and I went in and got our third Moderna shot, so we took yesterday Tuesday off knowing we may not feel the best. But means today we have a lot to do to get ready for tomorrow. We’ll be having dinner in what we know call the Living Room was the “Guest House”. But it isn’t quite ready so today we are hoping to finish it up!

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Another day gone

Another day gone, other then working on sage we worked on the Blue Moon container.. Getting it air tight for the music gear!! Our next big project is figuring out a stage. We had been wanting to build one, but feel the price of lumber it’d be cheaper to find an alternative. Few things we’ve been watching for is a Flatbed trailer, plastic, wood pallets..

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