Working with the neighbors here at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Hate being sick, we think i got into something I’m allergic to while sightseeing. I been trying to stay inside as much as possible until I get asthma, allergies under control. Which has given me time to work on few things for Plateau Hame De Colquhoun .

As many know we offer safe environment for dispersed drycamping. We are working with neighbors to add a few products and services for the campers.

You can now take a tour of the Mesa.

Westland Meadows is offering Farm Fresh Eggs delivered right to your campsite.

We are working with a neighbor that is putting a menu together for campers to order off from.. the food will be delivered to the campsite.

We are wanting to have a community store front. Many of us up here have homemade crafts, jewelry, art plus more…

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Change of plans, many projects

The first of the two new containers arrived today. We’ve done some changes in our planning. This one is going to become a battery/storage with hopefully enough room for workshop. The enclosed trailer (photo 3) that we had plans to make into a battery house, will become water storage with a shower. The newest container will become the kitchen, guest room.

On another note we had a old snapper riding lawn mower given to us by the container delivery guy! It hasn’t been started this year, but has a new motor, so hoping it’ll start without much issue, need to fix the tires.

So next question we’re asking, what project do we do first? Before setting the batteries up in the container we need to fix a leaky spot in the roof (we knew about it when we purchased it). We want to get the mowing finished, start build the solar panel frames?

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