Plateau Hame De Colquhoun taking short vacation

The next couple weeks will be a bit busy Right now we are taking a short 2 day break and in Phoenix for a concert, we’ll be seeing Anthrax  Black Label Society

Brent JAFO Productions will be running sound for the B Town Bike Rally Belen New Mexico this Saturday July 30th.
After the bike rally we will be taking the RV for a much needed repair. 

Enjoy some of our photos on our trip here to Phoenix.

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Short Vacation

Heading home after a day in Phoenix Arizona and a wonderful night with Brent Colquhoun Arizona Federal Theatre where we seen Queensryche and Judas Priest ! We now head back home Plateau Hame De Colquhoun where we have a few campers staying for few days. We thank the neighbors and Anne Calhoun for taking care of everyone and everything while we took a short vacation!!

Once home we get back we get back to work to get ready for the Open Mic on April 2nd!

#artoftinyliving #modernpioneerism #plateauhamedecolquhoun #openmicnight #judaspriest #Queensryche