Just 2 more days

Only 2 more days until the April Fool’s Open Mic ! Come on out in the middle of the desert, enjoy the day with some talents, bonfire, vendors.

Come sing some karaoke, bring your instruments and play, read poetry, tell jokes, sing, dance, laugh, magic. Bring your imagination, relax, drink, smoke or eat edibles be yourself and enjoy.

We only have a few common sense rules.

Respect others and their property, don’t drink or get stoned and drive. You can reserve a campsite or sleep it off in your car in the parking lot.
We’re not your mom, but we want you to enjoy and come back again.

We will ask you to leave if you are disrespectful to others or property, we have zero tolerance… This is a safe zone for all to come, no matter who you are, how you dress, what you believe or don’t believe in, who you voted for or didn’t. Leave it at the road and enjoy yourselves!

If you need to unload equipment for your talent or plan to register for a campsite the day of the event please notify us and we’ll let you drive through. Everyone else is required to park in the parking lot.

For directions follow the link below..