Music In The Desert and dealing with heat!

The Music in the Desert ” Ladrones Quest ” here Plateau Hame De Colquhoun is over. We had a reasonable turnout, had a lot of fun and look forward to future events!

Day of the event we had temps as high as 110. With very little shade here in the desert, those temps made it hard to setup the gear, canopies. Luckily though around 11 pm it started to cool off. But one issue we had was once it cooled off we got tired. I feel asleep in the lawn chair. Music went until 3am. Breaking down wasn’t to bad due to the cooler temps. Now today the next day, it’s just as hot, we all are tired and a bit crabby.

What did we learn you may ask.. Next event we would like to get a good night’s sleep the night before (which we hadn’t as it didn’t cool down much the night before) and hopefully able to get a nap before hand. (We did drink a lot of water and Gatorade).

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