The Beast is back!

Look who’s back!!! Yep the Beast is done, with new brakes, rotors, transmission flush, radiator flush, brake line bleed and refill, wheel bearings done, filters, oil changed on both motor and generator. They even fixed a turn signal that wasn’t working!
We’re booked at the hotel one more night, so we’re taking advantage of it and stay… We give a yell out to Statkus Engines Service Center for doing the work.

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Day Two in the Hotel

It’s official we’d rather be in a RV than a Hotel.. We are hoping the RV will be finished Thursday than we can get out if here. Sure being able to take long hot showers is nice, but the dogs can hear people walking and talking down the halls, having to walk them out past others who fear them just due to their size.

Solar controller update; the AIM Solar Power Solutions controller was supposed to come in this week. Today we where informed that they are out of stock on that controller, we may not be able to get one until the end of the month…

The RV AKA “The Beast” is getting new brakes, maybe rotors they are going to try to turn them, transmission, brake flush, wheel bearings packed and an oil change. Statkus Engines Service Center

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