One of our personal requirements is that we have to “get” something from any place we stop for the night and any thing we do that we consider special. Each item is placed within the sketch book in the video. We try for stickers, brochures.. But we’ve acquired post cards, pieces of sticks, or tooth picks, even shells and a pecan we found on the ground at a Loves we stayed at. 

Share some of the things you may do while on your trip, the quirkier the better.

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Got memories today on Facebook. Seeing this reminds me how far we’ve gone since beginning of this adventure in October of 2020. In the photo we are building a shower toilet space. This canopy started out as a 10×20 kitchen. But winds destroyed some of the poles and the top piece. We took what was left and engineered a 10×10 shower room. This did last little over a month before winds finished it off. We still don’t have a shower, but we have a small building (can watch us setting up the “Hut” in the video) that we use for toilet.. No more sitting out in the wind to use the toilet!! 

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Look back over the year

It’s hard to believe it’s been only a year. What we have accomplished during that time is hard to fathom. We went from all of us being in a 26 foot class C with portable carports (That winds kept destroying, we kept patching) for kitchen. To at 36foot class A, the class C, 3 containers, and an outdoor compost toilet. We now have finished getting our LLC for Plateau Hame De Colquhoun . Though solar is very very slowly getting finished, it’s almost complete! The land is getting to point all we need to do is maintain it! We are getting bookings!

Let’s hope the next year will be just as, if not more productive!!

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