RV Issues

Made it back home.. But not without some drama. In the video you can see why.. While following behind the Beast I noticed smoke, first I had hoped it was spilled oil or something, as was coming from center and not the exhaust.. I figured if it was coolant or oil Brent would know as the gauges would show it getting warm or oil level dropping.

Just as I decided to call him and inform him of the smoke another Class A he was following pulled off onto the shoulder. I figured they where the ones smoking.. The smoke stopped or slowed down enough that wasn’t noticable.. We got to Walmart (Where we had planned to stop), I see smoke or steam (wasn’t sure which one) coming from the hood.. So I asked Brent is it running hot? He stated no all gauges look good. So we start inspecting and found the culprit. We were leaking tranny fluid from the transmission gasket.. After a call and run back to Albuquerque Statkus Engines Service Center replaced the gasket at their cost 珞 and so far all is good, we thank them!!

If I hadn’t been following behind in the car would we had noticed this issue in time? I’d hope we notice the smoke when we parked.

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