Sick while living Off-grid at Plateau Hame De Colquhoun

Before Brent and I got together, I was constantly sick. My immune system is screwed up.. Once Brent and I got together we started taking extra precautions when in public. Wiping down groceries carts, having Alcohol wipes and wearing masks. We did this pre Covid. I have to say it worked, I wasn’t always sick, actually it’s been years until now that I got sick last. Idk why now, was there something at the places that we went sight seeing?

Being the first time I’m really sick (not counting just don’t feel good) since living out here in the middle of the desert, the biggest downfall is not having showers, I want a really long hot shower, or lay in a tube filled with steaming hot water. But since that’s not an option I’ll do steam from a boiling pan of water.